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Let’s begin from “I love you”. ♥

22 June 1992

Hey there! It was about time for me to change my profile. Let’s go for something short this time.

Débora, 18 y.o, Brazilian. Always late. Japanese language & literature student, JE fan until point of no return (favorite band is KAT-TUN, followed by Kanjani8), former JRock fan trying to get back to her roots (still haven’t let go from Miyavi, Gackt and bands such as alice nine., LM.C, Charlotte and so on.), Suga Shikao admirer (this man, I tell you, has talent), falling for japanese R&B and loving it (mainly Miura Daichi and Matsushita Yuya, but I’d be more than glad if you want to get me into more artists). Likings include letters, hearts, eyebrows and fail!english. Used to write fics; something you can find here. (I have been on hiatus since the beginning of the year, in case you want to know). In love with arts and love. Reads too much BL manga, doesn’t watch as many dramas as she would like to. Spends lots of money with things she shouldn’t. Current obsessions are nail art, learning how to cook, photography (always miserably failing in them, though). Has doubtful interests, such as disgusting, creepy ♥ things walking beside cute, silly ones.Loving her friends more and more at each day; loves getting to know new faces, but won’t add unless you comment here saying something about yourself.

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